Strip search prank call scam

The victim of bizarre strip search and sexual assault at McDonald's posing as a police officer in the April 9, 2004 phone call to the restaurant.
way too successful prank call resulted in her being strip searched by the manager. He called another employee to witness the strip search.
Man Gets 5 Years for Role in Fast-Food Strip Search Ploy. The caller told Summers to call her fiancé, Nix, to come watch Ogborn. Nix was left.
Strip search prank call scam

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Strip search prank call scam Like Us On Facebook. We could get into all the legalities involving law enforcement and this same topic, but we are staying away from the gray areas. First, it was the completely unexpected death of George Michael on Christmas Day which led to plenty of Illuminati speculation. The caller, a male, contacted the Burger King restaurant and pretended to be a police officer investigating a theft. This may take a few seconds Downloading your prezi starts automatically within seconds. Your email address will not be published.
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New President Donald Trump Repeatedly Flashes Illuminati Hand Signs During First Speech as President. Police also found in Stewart's home dozens of applications for police department jobs, hundreds of police magazines, and police-style uniforms, guns, and holsters. You will have to navigate a whole lot of drama in this clip. We are getting FIND OUT MORE! Allow public reuse and help spread ideas.